Hi, I am a BE(Hons) Computer Science Engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, with over 8 years of diverse software development experience across both MNCs and product-based startups (cloud infrastructure, HR SAAS, e-commerce webapp, gaming). I am currently working for Oracle Gen2 cloud as part of their API gateway team where we are providing a secure, scalable and feature rich reverse proxy service. I have heavy experience with interviewing candidates and have also been part of several campus placement initiatives in my current and previous company.

In my free time, I love dabbling with new technologies or concepts to learn or build developer productivity tools or to build fun games or try building the next big thing. I occasionally provide freelance assistance, from building websites & webapps to implementing complete backend and infrastructure from scratch. I also mentor and interview potential candidates for software roles.

I am currently involved in a couple of side projects with possible business opportunities. One is a SAAS product that would add additional support to the business owner websites. Another is a GenAI based platform in the Edtech domain for enhancing certain skill set of school/college students.

My non-coding interests are Cricket, Tennis and Card games, and I am always available for a bit of outdoor activities around the city.

To connect with me, hit me up on my email: hello@wewake.dev.